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Vayu Naidu’s fiction is inspired by the unnoticed drama of daily events that challenge and change us. British History and Indian myth are milestones in her landscape. Dualities and paradox shape the characters while irony steers her narrative; the voice switches as easily from first to third person.

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A workshop residency on uncovering the story; the difference between writing and Storytelling, Including Kamu Yoga

Ganesh's Secret Forest

New children book by Vayu Naidu

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Black and Bright – The Advent of Kali

Amber sunsets, and Kali hurls us into black nights of Storytelling. It is She that stops Time for us to make time to reckon with the force within us.

Long, long time ago, it took 9 nights to enter  a void within ourselves.

On the 18th, let’s See the Shakti rising from the blackness of dead leaves and unfathomable waters.

Dr Vayu Naidu takes you on an immersive journey that begins in the dark with tales from the bright and black Kali in a few of Her manifestations.


To celebrate the auspicious period of Navratri, join me in partaking of the magical experience of immersion through listening, as Dr. Vayu Naidu a story teller and researcher in the intercultural storytelling of the oral traditions takes us through the transformative journey of the word.

When: Sunday the 18th of October, at 8.45pm IST. Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 934 8002 2108         Passcode: 411711


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