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Vayu Naidu’s fiction is inspired by the unnoticed drama of daily events that challenge and change us. British History and Indian myth are milestones in her landscape. Dualities and paradox shape the characters while irony steers her narrative; the voice switches as easily from first to third person.

Video & Audio Projects


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Ganesh's Secret Forest

New children book by Vayu Naidu

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Black and Bright –

The Advent of Kali

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The Write Place  

Storytelling & Writing

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28th October

Enjoy family-friendly workshops relaying the magical story of Diwali and designed for children of all ages. Dancers from Madhuriya will teach children the basics of Indian dance, whilst spellbinding (and world-famous!) storyteller Vayu Naidu will regale adults and children alike with the captivating story of Rama, Sita and Hanuman. reserve your spot.



SHE, Story Telling

Vayu Naidu tells stories about rivers and storms, and the mischief of some and the magnitude of women - forgotten and remembered. Be prepared to beshocked, and surprised by tales that can be black and bright.

Remembering – The role of Art and the Artisan

Gratitude to our Weavers of 2020 who wove what you are about to wear at:

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Seasons of Storytelling

Christmas (25th December)

Christmas 4.jpg

Virgin and child

by Antonia Romano

Christmas 1.jpg

Sundari and Christmas child

The story starts when Angel Gabrbiel speaks to Mary telling her that she is going to have a son with Joseph. At the same time he whispered into Joseph’s dreams telling him to call their son Jesus.


The Romans wanted to count their people so Joseph took Mary to where he was born, it was Bethlehem and it was very far away but after many days and nights they got to Bethlehem they were tired and needed to sleep and eat so they knocked on some inns, lots of people said no, but one offered their stable to sleep in. 


Soon Jesus was born.


After Jesus was born, Mary put him down in a manger filled with straw. Mary looked up and saw a bright light shining down from the heavens, she felt blessed and as that star shone upon the Earth many travellers, out of curiosity, came to see what had happened, so they travelled to Bethlehem. The first to arrive were some shepards, who gave Jesus a wooden staff and a lamb and then he was visited by three wise men, who brought gifts of: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.


The reason why we celebrate Christmas today is to help us remember the birth of Jesus and that this is also the start of a new year and therefore a time to refresh and renew.


Eshan and Theo Swash 

Christmas 7.jpg

Eshan and Theo Swash

Eshan Swash Christmas
00:00 / 01:13
Christmas 2.jpg

Three wise people

Christmas By Vayu Naidu
00:00 / 01:19
Storyteller: Emily Parrish Hennessy
00:00 / 02:04
Christmas 5.jpg

Ava and Anya Tindall

Christmas 3.jpg

Rahul and Ishan Ramakrishnan

Christmas 6.jpg

Keira Daly

Christmas 9.jpg

Leela and Kailash Seth - Costa Rica

Silent Night by Ava Tindall
00:00 / 00:46
Plauderie by Anya Tindall
00:00 / 01:12

More stories and storytelling coming...

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REKHA SUNIL KULKARNI - India. Artist of Petal-&-Leaves Rangoli

A Global Storytelling Fundraiser for Covid Relief

Mumbai First and Mumbai Storytellers Society are organizing “ Igniting Hope!”, a Global Storytelling Fundraiser for Covid Relief

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