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Trading Posts - London to Mamallapuram return

Leaving London before Christmas? Yes, I pulled the anchor on timelines. I hand delivered gifts to Norfolk and Birmingham - even a few people I know make for a whole region; cooked Christmas curries in London with vegetables breaking the seal of two bottles amplifying flavours known as THE WAXED BAT. Then, carefully smoothing my tracks with zen silences in the shrieking wind and silent rain on the "B" word looming on every airwave across London, I exited via Munich, and Frankfurt and arrived on the Southeastern coast of the Bay of Bengal by the foot of the 8th century Lighthouse built by Dravidians trading cotton among spices to Babylon, Greece, and then built on by a wave of new traders  in the nineteenth century - the British. 

Mammallapuram is shore temple country with UNESCO Heritage sites of rock sculpted chambered caves from the 7th century BCE, a graffiti even Banksy would envy. Life emerges from stone as cows lick their calfs nearby and monkeys scamper across the boulders that were artists' sketch-pads during the dry season and when the rains came the waterfall made a three dimensional screen of the animal and birds carved on the stone. 'London Bakery' is just opposite 'The Butterball' a mega boulder perched on a sloping rock shoulder offering the circumference of shade the width of  a starship Enterprise model. Goats shelter as well as new students of overseas universities marvelling at this geo-miracle.

THE WRITE PLACE 2018-2019 is about flightpaths diverging and converging like the Red Arrows on ceremonial days, created by writers who are breaking free after Christmas well spent and bank hangovers in Januaries considering designs for writing that shift their designs for living too.


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