The Write Place Residency – Mammallapuram

Chennai Airport - India

28 December 2018 – 6 January 2019

Accommodation Mammalla Heritage hotel

Warm Winter sea side Writing Retreat at Mammallapuram - Chennai.

THE WRITE PLACE: The Verandah – sea air fresh, seats 1-2-1 discussion up to 16 persons.

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This Writing and Storytelling Residency is convened by Dr. Vayu Naidu, writer of myths and historical fiction and is a Performance Storyteller. The WRITE PLACE offers taught sessions on the craft of creativity – writing fiction or non-fiction- and oral storytelling. Visits to the Shore temples and engaging with local coastal villages is part of the stimulus for finding the voice and architecture to structure your work. The Write Place is about head and heart space to shape the origins of an idea into your creative work through diverse exercises, critical and kind reflection and facing the truth.

Coromandel Room: The craft of writing discussion space and reading.

The Buddha Bar – under the coconut palms with bamboo bush, a performative space for Standup Storytelling and yoga practice.

Mammallapuram shore temples – doorways to continuity and change

Day 1 – 4: A Novel idea and what is Storytelling performed?

  • An image, and architecture for your Idea – fiction or non-fiction; writing, reading, telling exercises

  • Site visits Local histories, coastal, music festival, town life, food people-seeing to hear and write

  • Your voice, the characters’ lives, a story, losing and finding the plot? Peer reviews

  • How does oral imagination work – Telling a story? Seeking myths

  • Day 4: 1-1 sessions on time lines – how small, how big a story; fiction and non-fiction


Day 5 – 6: Transforming stimulus to shape a form

  • From writing sketches to structure and driving the story;

  • From fragments creating an ensemble story for performance


Day 7 – 8: Making Sense, Readings reviewed, The Music of Words.

Eligibility: 19 years and above, interested in reflection, writing and local culture. Any interest is
welcomed from the sciences and arts and humanities; blog writing, travel writing, life writing at
‘interest level’. Everyone is responsible for their health for gentle yoga taking place daily to
synergise local and inner states of being. All day sessions at THE WRITE PLACE are non-alcohol and non -smoker friendly. Lunches are vegetarian.

• Your arrival on 27 December is requested, so that you can recover from travel and are ready to start fresh on 28 December.
• The Residency ends on 06 January – the package rate. You are welcome to enquire about
staying on at the hotel Mammalla at additional cost.
• If you wish to travel further in India please let me know I will put you on the Travel section of
THE WRITE PLACE. If you wish to avail of staying on at The WRITE PLACE after 10 January 2019, please contact me.


Myths and local history in stone: Creativity with stimulus – site visits include the Shore temples, the old and new town, and music

The Write Place Residency from 27th December 2018 – 7th January 2019 includes:

  • Airport transfer from Airport to Mammalla Heritage Hotel and daily transfer to The Write Place

  • Accommodation: Single and/or Twin sharing a/c, free wifi, breakfast and lunch

  • Session fee and selected site visits – early booking requested

  • Total package for 8 nights and 9 days: £775.00 (per person)

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  • International air fare or Visas

  • Dinner, alcohol, printing, photocopying, stationery, usb sticks, computers

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